Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

by Marc T. PIRA

Coordinated Processes

We work strictly customer-oriented. We support numerous international companies abroad in optimizing their treasury processes. We do not simply provide content-free reports but are committed to striving for long-lasting partnerships and to giving individual advice from the outset. Our solutions are always fully tailored to your company which will be ensured by our consultants being experts with many years of professional experience in various fields


99% In time


68% Industry, 22% Services, 10% Bank


30% Liquidity- and Cashmanagement, 40% Risk Management, 20% Working Capital, 10% Other


Our guiding principle is a professional consultation service in which we meet on the same level. In doing so we contribute not only skills but also interdisciplinary experience. Even if we are faced with major challenges we remain at your side and keep a cool head.

A little bit more

All of our analyses are carried out not only with provided data at our desk but mainly together with you at your office. We are going to interview relevant employees in order to gather the best possible picture of your day-to-day business. We do not just sell unsuitable solutions. Our experienced consultants accompany you at every step.

Our services

We develop comprehensive concepts in order to optimize currently existing and new to be implemented operational processes.

We therefore analyze the current status of your finance department, compare it with best practices, and work out appropriate solutions including professional and competent support when it comes to their implementation.

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