Fact Finding

Fact Finding

by Marc T. PIRA
Our Fact Finding is the best solution if you want to find out how your Finance Department is positioned. We analyze current processes and compare them with „Best Practices“.

Analysis of the current status

The goal is to give you a clear picture, within a few days and at a fixed price, of whether the structures and processes in your organization meet today’s best practices and whether they are audit-proof. Our aim ist to not only show you how to manage existing risks or how to optimize your reporting, but also where cost savings can be realized.

Adjustment and project plan

The main topics of our quick check correspond to the classic control circuits within the financial department and are divided into a review of the conceptual framework such as tasks, provisions and policies, organizational framework, limit system, IT systems, legal and regulatory requirements, reporting system as well as into a review of specific processes covering the financial management circle.

Main benefit of this offer

Not only will we show you adequate optimization potentials in your financial management but we also check to what extent your finance departments meet auditing requirements and best practices.

  • Analysis of all relevant sub-areas
  • Comparison with best practice guidelines
  • Understandable final report
  • Project plan with implementation proposals
  • Fixed price offer

Fact Facting focuses on all areas of relevance: Cash Management and Liquidity Planning, Working Capital Management, Asset Management and Corporate Finance, Management of market price risks, Credit- and counterparty risks, Bankpartner Management and Communication, Order-to-Cash and Purchase-to-Pay Processes, Digitalization of processes, Oprational and strategical planning/budgeting

By examining all the sub-areas, we provide you with a clear picture of the current situation and provide you with an easy-to-use roadmap for optimization.

Nothing is more inefficient than a lack of predictability. We do not make any additional claims but invoice only the pre-agreed fixed price.