Guidelines & Structures

Guidelines & Structures

by Marc T. PIRA
There are various requirements faced by the finance department or corporate treasury. In addition to adhering to a healthy corporate governance, also legal requirements, revision requirements and best practice have to be put on the agenda.

Security and visibility

Only a clean set of rules and an organizational structure define the framework in which employees of your finance department are allowed to act. These can be global or individual guidelines, organizational and operational specifications as well as detailed descriptions of individual treasury areas. They ensure security through rules and also influence the risk profile of banks.


Extensive requirements

The demands that finance departments face today are overwhelming. These may be accounting requirements, as well as compliance with best practice and corporate governance requirements or audit standards. Above all there is a set of rules on which the business processes have to be aligned. Depending on the nature, risk appetite or extent of business activities, the rules and regulations have to be written in different detail.

Main benefits of our offer

Specifications must be adhered to. Only they set the rules, under which your employees may act in daily business. But which rules are exactly relevant and to what extent they have to be designed, is individually different. We help you in the

  • Definition of the structure and process organization
  • Assignment of tasks and competences
  • Definition of risk management processes
  • Determination and monitoring of limits
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Among other things, treasury management deals with the management of financial risks. All these risks must always be limited according to the risk appetite of your company.

A well-structured treasury department requires clearly defined organizational forms and principles. These are also part of a corresponding set of rules.

In practice, a multi-level concept has proved expedient in which the rules and regulations are subdivided into framework, function and various individual guidelines, function-related work instructions and risk management processes. The appropriate design depends on your individual needs, which we analyze together with you and where we develop guidelines for you.