Liquidity Management

Liquidity Management

by Marc T. PIRA
Closely linked to cash management, one of the biggest and most important tasks in the company is to ensure solvency at all times. At the same time, profitability indicators must be taken into account. Benefit from our experience in liquidity management.

Ensuring solvency

Liquidity management focuses on the identification and optimal management of liquidity risks within the company. The biggest risk is the inability to meet the payment obligations. We help you in controlling this risk.

Increase of profitability

At the same time, companies with excess liquid assets should pay particular attention to profitability requirements, especially when raising additional funds or as part of measures to optimize the disposition of the different accounts. We show how you can meet the challenges involved.

Main benefits

The planning and management of liquidity, also taking profitability into account, is an important issue, not only to keep the company viable and competitive, but also when it comes to borrowing and persuading financiers to plan development. Give us a call. We support you with:

  • Assessment of data sources when receiving the actuals
  • Calculation of planned figures
  • Implementation of a forecasting system
  • Identification of uncertainties in the planning process
  • Implementation of liquidity risk management processes
  • Selection of suitable systems
  • Building a revealing reporting system

Together with you, we prepare daily liquidity forecasts and liquidity planning as the basis for sufficient controlling of all financial risks.

As far as possible, we identify measures that directly increase the liquidity of the company or the Group and support you in implementing the appropriate measures.

Together with you, we manage liquidity and refinancing risks according to your risk appetite and taking into account balance sheet or off-balance sheet factors.

We create individual concepts that make sensible use of existing excess liquidity to increase your profitability.