Risk Management

Risk Management

by Marc T. PIRA
Daily business is subject to many internal and external influencing factors, which can be crucial for your economic success. Success factors need to be identified as well as possible, however they are always associated with risks. We stand for comprehensive advice in the structuring of your financial risk management.

Various risks

Whether FX, interest or credit risks, the range of topics the corporate treasury has to deal with is extensive. We help you with the identification, measurement and development of according control concepts helping you to deal with your financial risks and to avoid unexpected and unpleasant surprises in your daily business.

Various possibilities

As studies show, companies with a well-structured financial risk management, depending on the chosen concepts, have direct competitive advantages. Therefore, the most successful companies not only work with legally prescribed methods, but also expand them strategically. We support you in realigning your financial risk management.

Main benefits

Depending on the business model, every business is exposed to financial risks. The identification, measurement and subsequent control is essential for your future business success. We advise you in:

  • Identification of risks relevant to you
  • the measurement using selected risk measurement methods
  • the qualitative and quantitative assessment
  • the implementation of control processes
  • the implementation of monitoring concepts
  • the construction of a comprehensible reporting system

Every company is exposed to the financial risks in the course of its existence. Crucial to the future business success, however, is how the company and the treasury department deal with these risks. We create selected control processes adapted to your risk strategy.

If you want to take advantage of opportunities, some risks must even be consciously taken. We advise you on the setting of appropriate risk limits.

Once risks have been identified, they must be measured efficiently and comprehensibly. We develop concepts for you on how to qualitativly and quantitativly measure your financial risks.

We accompany you through every section of the financial risk loop. Starting with the identification and setting up of a corresponding risk catalog, over the measurement, up to a strategy of controlling all financial risks. Benefit from our extensive experience.