Trade Finance

Trade Finance

by Marc T. PIRA
International trade is highly complex and comes hand in hand with a variety of risks. At the same time, the world of internional trade finance has always provided suitable products to secure your payments. Benefit from our expertise in advising more than 300 clients in designing their trade finance concepts.

Optimal reconciliation of interests

Payment protection instruments balance you interests with those of your clients. The product range is diverse. Whether you come into contact with this topic for the first time or are already more adept: we know the tricks to make your international business not only safer, but also more profitable.

Design Options

The documentary business is individually customizable. Whether plain vanilla or structured transactions, LCs, ECA covered claims or discounting: the possibilities are extensive. We work out individual and targeted concepts for your company and show you ways that are quite uncommon, but perhaps that’s why it’s so successful.

Main benefits

We explain processes and ways in which you can get the maximum security for yourself. Often even associated with real added value for your customers. We advise you in:

  • the structure of the instruments
  • choosing the right Trade Finance Bank
  • Negotiations with your customers
  • Showing added value for your customers
  • delivery and payment modalities
  • factoring and forfaiting
  • ECAs

Our know-how in the industrial and banking sector makes us a competent manager of your payment protection options.

Extension of payment terms for your customers with immediate receipt of money from you. Create added value not only for yourself but also for your partners and increase the chance to win the contract.

Frequently, international commercial transactions fail even at the negotiating stage because reluctant interests can not be reconciled in the course of the payment arrangements. It does not have to come that far. We will show you how to minimize risks from foreign business and find suitable financing solutions.

Our consultants are well connected in the world of international banks specializing in trade finance. With our bank monitor we can find the right bank for every need.