Interim solutions

Interim solutions

by Marc T. PIRA
You are looking for interim support? Get fast and flexible comprehensive expertise in the areas of corporateand financial management, banking and treasury. Immediate operational readiness with flexible notice period. We are happy to help.

Interim support on senior level

Especially in situations where things need to be done quickly or in case it is already foreseeable that the commitment will only take a limited amount of time, interim management is an ideal solution. We hereby provide you with qualified personnel for a short period of time on a project or interim basis. With expertise in the areas of financial management, interest and currency management, cash and liquidity management and corporate finance.

Interim CFOs or Finance Manager

Let us support your with the management of strategic functions within your company. Hiring an Interim CFO or Finance Manager makes sense, especially when internal resources in your company are not available or not available in a timely manner. With an unobstructed, objective view, we are able to implement new concepts or projects and support you with our expertise in the daily business.

Main benefits

The use of interim solutions is effective in many ways. Not only do you invest in qualified expertise. Interim Managers are also highly flexible and cost-effective on the road.

  • Existing expertise in management tasks
  • Immediate readiness for action
  • High level of flexibility
  • cost transparency
  • External pulse generator

Whether Interim Treasurer, CFO or Financial Manager: Our personnel solutions are always highly qualified and have many years of relevant practical experience.

We are anchored in many industries. Whether an industrial company or a bank, we have the right candidates for every environment.

Ensure a high degree of flexibility through transparent cost structures with a short term termination possibility. Whether for a fixed period or permanently.

Our interim managers do not keep their know-how to themselves. As an external source of impetus, they stand not only for short-term use, but also for sustainable knowledge transfer.