Cash Management

Cash Management

by Marc T. PIRA
Optimize your cash management together with us. Benefit from more than 40 years of experience in consulting and implementation of new solutions. We help you to manage existing cash or cash equivalents as efficiently as possible.

Efficiency and safety

When introducing new or optimizing existing cash management processes, both efficiency and safety aspects must be taken into account. In addition to the most efficient implementation of payment transactions, this also includes the analysis of current and future bank charges, terms and values.

Payment processing

One of the central cash management tasks is the processing, but also the optimization of existing payment transactions. The key questions are the choice of the right means of payment and the payment methods. How often should payment runs take place, how should the reporting system be organized and what conditions can be agreed on with the respective banks?

Our Cash Management Service

Benefit from our experience in the conception and implementation of individual cash management structures. Our consulting area covers:

  • Assessment of existing processes
  • Analysis of the system landscape used
  • Cost analysis with regard to existing processes
  • Implementation of cash pooling structure
  • Optimal design of payment transactions
  • Implementation of IT support
  • Payment factory solutions
  • Electronic banking solutions
  • Selection of cash management banks

We support you in the conception and implementation of individual cash pooling structures. In doing so, we not only help you to choose the right bank, but are also available to answer all your questions about clearing accounts, interest offset and others.

We support you in optimizing internal and external payment transactions. We analyze possibilities of netting, conceptualize payment factory solutions and take a closer look on existing software, processes and cost saving potentials.

The requirements in the cash management area are highly individual. We have contacts with specialized banks and compare the needs of your daily business with the offers of the according banks. In the accompanying cost analysis, we support you as well as with rating and creditworthiness requirements.

As part of our cash management fact finding, we examine where a change of supplier can make sense. We support you with an RfP, introduce you to several suppliers and show you individual advantages and disadvantages of each offer.